RAIM predictions for flight dispatchers

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SAT4Flight® prediction modes

SAT4Flight® "Basic" prediction mode provides single point predictions, performed either on a predefined Aerodrome Reference Point list extracted from an up-to-date database or on free coordinates.

SAT4Flight® "Terminal Trajectories" prediction mode provides predictions performed on SID, STAR and Approaches.

SAT4Flight® "Flight Planning" prediction mode provides predictions performed on flight plannings uploaded to the system or created manually through the website. Flight plannings cover terminal and enroute portions.

RAIM prediction reports are delivered automatically to flight dispatchers every day with a configurable period.

SAT4Flight® benefits

Since 2010 SAT4Flight® provides users worldwide a complete, reliable, and efficient service on a 24/7 basis, high availability equipment and configurable RAIM prediction algorithms.

Software has been developed according to the DO178 standards (analysis and calculation module) and DO229 (prediction module).

Management of landscape relief and topographic data to compute real mask angle for along track predictions on trajectories, thanks to CGX expertise in development of aeronautical software tools and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) integration.

SAT4Flight® benefits from CGX and ENAC strong expertise in procedures design, in particular RNP AR, but also in GNSS technologies through ENAC telecom lab.

SAT4Flight® website

The website offers an excellent alternative to the standard web service providing an elegant and easy-to-use interface.

Through a secured access, it offers a user-friendly interface for airline operators or pilots to analyse signal availability and compute predictions concerning the desired time period with results presented visually in a geographic display.

SAT4Flight® contact

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